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the Mobilink 17 documentation says,to use Oracle 12.1, 'Oracle ODBC driver must be greater than or equal to build number 2087' - can someone please advise: what does 2087 relate to in this context ? Or, how would I identify it ?

Thanks Bill

asked 14 Jun '20, 19:00

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If your system is Windows, I'd use the File Explorer to locate the ODBC driver DLL, then pick Properties, then the Details tab, and look for "Product version". Otherwise, if you have an ODBC driver client install, I'd look for release notes like a readme.txt file but I am not familiar with the Oracle driver packaging.

(15 Jun '20, 09:35) JBSchueler

Actually, it appears that you were selective in what you decided to quote. The full sentence is "To take advantage of Oracle 12.1 features with SQL Anywhere 17, the SQL Anywhere - Oracle ODBC driver must be greater than or equal to build number 2087 and the Oracle OCI library must be installed from the Oracle 12.1 installation image." SQL Anywhere provides an Oracle ODBC driver, so the build number refers to the SQL Anywhere version. For example, version has a build number of 6160.

(15 Jun '20, 09:43) JBSchueler

MobiLink only supports the "SQL Anywhere 17 - Oracle ODBC Driver" driver. I cannot find a reference in the Recommended ODBC Drivers documentation to the value 2087. It may be a SQL Anywhere build number. Can you confirm where you have seen that value so that I can confirm?

(15 Jun '20, 09:47) Chris Keating
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Hi Breck, yes, that's where I found it, Thanks

(15 Jun '20, 11:19) BillTebbs
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