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Hello guys,

we are having an issue with the encryption of the synchronization with MobiLink. The version we are using is .

The setup is the following:

iOS client <-1-> Reverse Proxy <-2-> Load Balancer <-3-> MobiLink

(1) and (2) are successfully encrypted and the sync works fine if (3) is http, but if we switch to https, we get the following error when the user is synchronizing:

I. 2019-09-12 16:41:29. <Main> Started RTNotifier 'RTNotifier1'
E. 2019-09-12 16:45:22. <Main> [-10117] Stream Error: Error parsing certificate
E. 2019-09-12 16:45:22. <Main> [-10060] Memory allocation failed

We start the mobilink server the following way:

mlsrv17 -c DSN=somd;uid=SAPSOMSA1;pwd=xxxxxx -ot D:\som\logs\ml\development.txt -vcfhmostU -os 20m -sl java(-cp D:\som\java;D:\som\java\jackson.jar;D:\sam\java\jackson-databind.jar)  http(port=3439) -x https(port=443;Identity=D:\SW\Certificates\;Identity_Password=xxxxtrusted_certificate=D:\SW\Certificates\WL-SOM1-01.cer) -x tcpip(port=2439) -zs som

Any idea how to troubleshoot this problem?

Thanks and best regards, Alex

asked 24 Sep '19, 03:42

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Alexander Ilg
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Could it be something similar to this problem? E.g. your certificate has something what SA doesn't like:

How did you generate the certificate? Have you tried using the utility createcert that is shipped with SA?

(24 Sep '19, 04:28) Vlad
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What version of MobiLink are you using and did this certificate work in older versions?

(25 Sep '19, 11:39) Reg Domaratzki

> did this certificate work in older versions?

(26 Sep '19, 08:08) Breck Carter
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