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Hi all, every time that we run this SQL we get the assertion error. We validate, rebuilt DB, recreate statistics, recreate the indexes and unload/load the data without success, the issue still appears.

Something interesting, the issue only happens starting the DB as network server if you start it as personal server the SQL works.

If we play with the 'status_cd' column values (<3 or <2), it works (but need <4). Seems like there is a conflict with the scan predicate of the values in the 'status_cd' column.

Have you seen this error before or some clue what I could do to solve this problem.?

Error: There was an error reading the results of the SQL statement. The displayed results may be incorrect or incomplete. Run time SQL error -- ERROR Assertion failed: 111105 ([db######] Sort error - incorrect row count SQLCODE=-300, ODBC 3 State="HY00" Line 1, column 1

SQL statement:

SELECT count(distinct c.stu_id ) as cnt FROM sr_ord c Inner Join cr_orf b On c.orf_id = b.orf_id Inner Join dr_orf_grp_dtl gd On b.orf_id = gd.orf_id Inner Join dr_orf_grp g On gd.orf_grp_id = g.ORF_GRP_ID and g.GRP_TYPE_ID in (1,3) JOIN dr_ord_opt d on c.ord_opt_id = d.ord_opt_id JOIN SR_ORF_VIEW e on c.ORF_ID = e.orf_id and c.stu_id = e.stu_id and e.date_acpt >= c.DTS WHERE ( (d.is_key <> 1 AND c.rvwed_reslts = 0 AND c.rvwed_by NOT IN ('TCC-AUTO'))OR ( d.is_key = 1 AND c.data_operation = 2 AND c.rvwed_reslts = 0 AND c.rvwed_by NOT IN ('TCC-AUTO'))) AND c.stu_id in (SELECT x.stu_id FROM sr_stu_enroll x WHERE x.status_cd < '4' AND x.active_cd = '1' AND x.campus_id = '101' AND x.sch_yr = '2020')


asked 23 Aug '19, 16:22

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Is a database that you can share with SAP for investigation? If so, are you able to open an incident?

(23 Aug '19, 16:46) Chris Keating

Yes, I already opened an incident and I think we found the problem, something with the parallelism, we limited max_query_tasks to 4 and the query worked.

(26 Aug '19, 09:13) lferreira
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