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When V17 was introduced, the default for the new parameterization_level was "Simple".

The default has since been changed to 'Off'... why is that?

Is parameterization_level is unsafe to use? :)

asked 28 Jul '19, 11:49

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Breck Carter
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The change in the default value was a side effect of a change made for IQ. It was not because it was unsafe.

There was one defect with parameteritization_Level that was not in the release notes - it will be documented in the future SP. That issue:

================(Build #4919  - Engineering Case #817663)================

If statement was automatically parameterized (parameterization_level Simple 
or Forced) and a parameter value was larger than 250 bytes, it is possible 
that a SQLE_COMMUNICATION_ERROR would be incorrectly reported.  A workaround 
is to set parameterization_level to Off.  This has been fixed.
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answered 29 Jul '19, 06:41

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Chris Keating
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Thank you for the information it was very useful..

(01 Aug '19, 06:27) Asmitasant10
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