Right out of the gate, I'll admit this was my mistake. I was changing the members and privileges on a role. I granted admin to the intended user, but unintentionallyu removed DBA. Now (logged in as DBA) I cannot add DBA back to the list.

The simple answer is to log in as the user with admin priviledge, but she's on vaca until next week. Not a tragedy if I have to wait, but it seems that there ought to be some way to force the issue -- a 'god mode', if you will. Initial Google searches haven't turned up anything, but I'll keep looking. Meanwhile, I figured it couldn't hurt to ask those smarter than me.

asked 18 Jul '19, 16:35

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I am not sure what you mean. Is this version 17? Do you mean you removed the user DBA or that you removed the admin rights or the role from the user DBA? So sample SQL might help to understand. You might consider setting min_role_admins to avoid issues in the future.

(19 Jul '19, 08:39) JBSchueler
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(19 Jul '19, 09:07) Breck Carter

You're right -- not enough detail This is running on version 16. On a custom role (not user-extended role), the DBA user had 'admin' privileges. I checked the box to add admin to another user, then in a moment of cranial flatulence CLEARED the admin flag from the DBA user and saved. Now, I can no longer manage the role as DBA, and would like to force the issue to add it back.

(20 Jul '19, 09:40) Bud Durland MRP

Well, in this case I like to think I'm somewhere in between :) I'm certainly no expert in all the details of Sybase security, hence my visit here with the question.

Part of the difficulty, I think, is that this DB started under version 7, and has been upgraded through the intervening versions. This is a topic for another question, but way back when the DBA was converted to a group, and is now a User Extended role, which strikes me as improper.

(20 Jul '19, 09:47) Bud Durland MRP
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