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Will SQL Anywhere 32 bit server run on a 64 bit server. Will the client 32 bit work on a 64 bit client.

asked 25 Apr '19, 23:18

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What Volker said. Plus, it's also common to have the server running 64 bit and clients 32 bit.

(26 Apr '19, 08:00) Bud Durland MRP
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server running 64 bit and clients 32 bit

Slightly-off-topic, but... For proxy connections from SQL Anywhere 17 to V9 and earlier remote servers running on 32 bit SQL Anywhere engines, ODBC connections via DRIVER=SQL Anywhere 17 don't seem to work; try using an older driver, e.g., DRIVER=SQL Anywhere 16.

In this case, it's hard to define who's the client and who's the server, but the annoyance is clear :)

(26 Apr '19, 08:44) Breck Carter

Yes and yes.

For more details, see this FAQ on why it is usually more reasonable to run the 64-bit server on a 64-bit OS.

As to the client software: You will need the according bitness the client applications require, so if you are using, say, a 32-bit ODBC application, it will require the 32-bit ODBC client software. Therefore running 32-bit clients on a 64-bit OS is absolutely common.

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answered 26 Apr '19, 01:37

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Volker Barth
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There was a problem starting SQL Anywhere 17 on 32 bit platforms. The engine would report "Unable to initialize AddressSpaceManager" during startup. The fix was made in build 4962 or newer. You could workaround the issue by setting a -ch around 3G.

(26 Apr '19, 10:28) Chris Keating
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SQL Anywhere 17 on 32 bit platforms

Is that specific to actual 32-bit platforms, as opposed to the 32-bit version of SQL Anywhere 17 on a 64-bit copy of Windows?

FWIW SQL Anywhere seems to run OK when you start it via C:\Program Files\SQL Anywhere 17\Bin32\dbsrv17.exe on Windows Pro 64-bit.

(26 Apr '19, 14:05) Breck Carter

Hm, I have also used several v17 versions on 32-bit Windows without issues... I guess starting with 17.0.0 up to 17.0.7...

(26 Apr '19, 14:37) Volker Barth

> on 32-bit Windows

Same question for you: actual 32-bit Windows, or bin32\dbsrv17.exe on 64-bit Windows?

(26 Apr '19, 15:09) Breck Carter

Correct, it is specific to running 32 bit engines on 64 bit operating systems. Thanks for catching that. We were never able to reproduce the behavior but had a least one deployment environment where this issue would occur frequently.

(26 Apr '19, 15:30) Chris Keating

As stated, a 32-bit OS... Old hardware, y'know, just for tests.

(26 Apr '19, 15:33) Volker Barth

There was a problem starting SQL Anywhere 17 on 32 bit platforms.

Correct, it is specific to running 32 bit engines on 64 bit operating systems.

Hm, Chris, now I'm puzzled - do you relate to a 32-bit or 64-bit OS w.r.t that particular issue...?

(26 Apr '19, 15:35) Volker Barth

OK, for your information: I test and support the Foxhound database running on 32-bit SQL Anywhere engines, and have never had any problems with V16 (previously) or V17 (now).

However, for several years Foxhound has only supported running in Windows 64-bit environments.

( so why support 32-bit engines? because it's a handy Dead Chicken Solution for legacy ODBC connectivity :)

(27 Apr '19, 12:38) Breck Carter
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