The reseller for the ERP application we use seems ot think that SQL Anywhere 16 does not ship with 32-bit ODBC client drivers. This seems a bit far-fetched to me. Can someone please confirm?

asked 29 May '14, 16:25

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SQL Anywhere 16 installs the 32-bit client (including ODBC) by default. The 32-bit server is an optional install. You'll have to use the 32-bit ODBC Administrator to create data sources (C:\Windows\Syswow64\odbcad32.exe).

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answered 29 May '14, 16:36

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Mikel Rychliski
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That's pretty much what I figured. Thanks

(29 May '14, 16:37) BudDurland

Just to add: Mikel's answer is dedicated to 64-bit Windows. For 32-bit Windows, the 32-bit server and client components will be installed by default, as in previous versions. (That may be absolutely obvious for most folks but who knows...)

(30 May '14, 10:12) Volker Barth

Start ODBC Data Source Adminsitrator from Start | Search by typing in ODBC 32 You will find the SQL Anywhere 16 driver

There is the 'demo' System DSN

Start ODBC Source Administrator 64 from Start | Search by typing in ODBC 64 You will find the SQL Anywhere 16 driver

There is a System DSN SQL Anywhere 16 Demo

What I wonder is that the driver has the same name and version.

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answered 11 Jul '14, 15:28

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accept rate: 0% is the SQL Anywhere 16 version and build number for the copy you have installed. All modules in that copy will share that same build number.

(11 Jul '14, 16:04) Breck Carter

What I wonder is that the driver has the same name and version.

Just to understand: Do you wonder why the 32-bit and the 64-bit ODBC driver for SQL Anywhere 16 have the same name and version? Or what exactly does irritate you?

BTW: is an old v16 build version - I would generally recommend to use a current EBF like

(12 Jul '14, 05:43) Volker Barth

Plain curiosity

(12 Jul '14, 17:22) mysorian
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Sorry, I still do not understand what it is that makes you wonder.

(13 Jul '14, 06:00) Volker Barth
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