In the SQL Anywhere mobilink client I can see mobilink errors, in case a synchronization fails. Now, we would like to capture these errors in the remote/client application in C#, but the exception does not seem to contain the details.

I am using iAnywhere.Mobilink.Client (iAnywhere.MobiLink.Client.dll)

Am I overlooking something? How can I capture the details of this error?

Thank you very much!

asked 15 Feb '18, 05:31

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Have you tried the DbmlsyncClient GetErrorInfo() method?

(15 Feb '18, 08:48) Chris Keating
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No I haven't, but I'm going to try it and will let you know if it worked or not ! thanks for the feedback !

(16 Feb '18, 02:41) vdcey

The GetErrorInfo() is empty.... cli1.GetErrorInfo(); {iAnywhere.MobiLink.Client.DBSC_ErrorInfo} hdl1: 0 str1: "" str2: "" @type: DBSC_ERR_OK val1: 0 val2: 0

I can get some information from :

DBSC_Event event1; var dbscGetEventRet = DbmlsyncClient.GetEvent(out event1, waitTimeOut);

{iAnywhere.MobiLink.Client.DBSC_Event} hdl: 4 str1: "Error code from MobiLink server: -10368" str2: "" @type: DBSC_EVENTTYPE_ERROR_MSG val1: 0 val2: 0

But I see now that I'm actually looking to expose the mobilink server error log on the client side... Anyway on doing that?

(16 Feb '18, 06:56) vdcey
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