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I have a pair of synchronized databases using mobilink using shadow tables on cons. side. As long as I know all the changes caused by triggers will not be transfered between databases (are written as comments in transaction log files). For some reason I have all the new entries inserted through trigger this time in both directions replicated. Is this an option?

asked 15 May '17, 09:54

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You may be confusing SQL Remote behavior with MobiLink behavior.

In SQL Remote trigger actions were not replicated unless you requested them to be included (using a dbremote cmdline switch).

In MobiLink dbmlsync will include all changes from the remote that match the publication whether or not they occur due in a trigger. At the consolidated, all data matching the table download, synchronization scripts will be sent.

I'm not certain why you think you are seeing a change in your synchronization behavior.

(15 May '17, 14:49) Nick Elson S...
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Nick is incorrect. dbmlsync will only send trigger actions if the SendTriggers(st) extended option ( is set to ON. The default is off.

(16 May '17, 08:57) Reg Domaratzki

thanks for the comment, but the link is invalid.


(16 May '17, 17:06) Baron

Dbmlsync will only send trigger actions to the consolidated if the SendTriggers externded options is set to ON. The deafult is off. If dbmlsync is sending trigger actions, check the value of this externded option.

When MobiLink determines the rows to download to the remote database, it is likely just executing a SELECT statement on a table, so it doesn't matter at that point whether the value is in the table as a result of a trigger or not.


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answered 16 May '17, 08:59

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Reg Domaratzki
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I'll bet you actually remember how that works without looking it up every single time, right? ( unlike me :)

(16 May '17, 11:32) Breck Carter
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Are you meaning me in this comment? I didnt get what you mean!!! Sarkis

(16 May '17, 17:02) Baron

Hi Reg, Yes, on the consolidated side we are using shadow table containing primary key of the table + last_modified, which means that on the cons. even the through trigger coming changes will be included in synchronisation and will be sent to remote.

About the synchronisation from remote side, I am not yet sure, I will test it and write again.


(16 May '17, 17:05) Baron

He means Reg.

(16 May '17, 17:50) Volker Barth
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