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A client is wishing to move their website to use PHP 7 and is asking if there are any SQL Anywhere dll's for this. The resource we use usually use is here:


There are none listed. I am just checking that there is nowhere else I should be looking. I did a search and don't see anything but hoped the learned people could definitively answer this.



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In case it is of any interest or use to anyone the PHP 7 and 7.1 dll's are posted and on the relevant WIKI page Eric mentions above:


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answered 04 Aug '17, 06:36

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The page you linked to was the correct location where SQL Anywhere PHP DLLs were posted. That page has been archived as part of the SCN transition, and we will be creating a new page elsewhere. However, at present we do not have any pre-built DLLs for PHP7. I am investigating to see if this is something that we can provide.

In the meantime, the source for the module is available on the page that was referenced, and it is possible for the client to build the DLL themselves with PHP 7.

I will update this when I have more information.

EDIT - A new page has been setup on the SQL Anywhere Wiki to host the PHP Modules. The link is https://wiki.scn.sap.com/wiki/display/SQLANY/The+SAP+SQL+Anywhere+PHP+Module

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answered 05 Dec '16, 10:35

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Eric Farrar
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Eric, thanks for the information. Have had conflicting advice on whether the source code will compile but might as well try it.

(07 Dec '16, 08:43) RADicalSYS
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