One of our client is having problem with VSS and SQL Anywhere ( When performing a backup, VmWare snapshot, this error occurs: IVssWriterCallback. hr = 0x80040154. In the Windows event log we have:

Opération : Données du rédacteur en cours de collecte

Contexte : ID de classe du rédacteur: {6bded7ca-b593-455b-9b58-c40aa408d5ba} Nom du rédacteur: SQLAnywhere VSS Writer ID d’instance du rédacteur: {a8919400-fd5d-4942-a877-93a572cb6d10}

The "vssadmin list writers" command does not list any problem, but the SQL Anywhere VSS writer is not listed. The SA VSS service was re-installed, is running and I see in the DB server console that the server is successfully registered with the VSS service.

Any suggestion on what could be the cause of the problem or additional diagnostic ?

asked 20 Oct '16, 10:15

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I have no suggestion but wanted to note that in our setups with MS Hyper-V, the console log not only shows that the SA VSS service is registered but has regular appearing entries that the service is "identified" (each 2 hours, apparently):

VSS-Dienst (Volume-Schattenkopien): Identifizieren

and shows a group of statements once a copy is made (triggering a checkpoint), in our case once a day:

VSS-Dienst (Volume-Schattenkopien): Identifizieren
VSS-Dienst (Volume-Schattenkopien): Snapshot vorbereiten
VSS-Dienst (Volume-Schattenkopien): Fixierung
Start des Checkpoints von ...
Checkpoint von ... fertig gestellt...
VSS-Dienst (Volume-Schattenkopien): Fixierung aufheben

Sorry for the German locale but I guess you'll get the impression.

(21 Oct '16, 03:19) Volker Barth

Nothing to suggest either but note that the error code is: REGDB_E_CLASSNOTREG 0x80040154 Class not registered

(21 Oct '16, 08:49) JBSchueler
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