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When I made the upgrade my database from to, EXTENV_MAIN & EXTENV_WORKER users remained.
These users "have limited permissions" in ASA12.
In ASA16, these users do not have any privileges / roles, i.e. CALL sp_displayroles( 'EXTENV_WORKER' ) = null.
Is this correct?
For example, after the upgrade I started getting the following error:

=,<,7,PREPARE,select ... from "SYS"."SYSOPTION" as "o" ...
=,E,7,-121,Permission denied: you do not have permission to select from "SYSOPTION"

asked 06 Oct '16, 10:43

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The access to system views (like SYSOPTION) you can try granting PUBLIC to these users. Only doing so for EXTENV_WORKER may be sufficient.

Of course if the need to utilize system views might be avoided entirely this would become a minor concern. Is that a critical need for this?

I will have to check to see if there was a reason for this change but maybe I could forward a business case for this it may help improve the product.

(11 Oct '16, 09:56) Nick Elson S...

Do you use a login procedure that queries SYSOPTION?

(11 Oct '16, 10:10) Volker Barth

* * Good catch Volker! * *

I hadn't considered that but that would seem to probably explain this. A login procedure that was NOT created with "SQL SECURITY OWNER" then you could easily run into this that way...

Ilia63, do disregard my earlier suggestion. These users would not have been a member of PUBLIC in version 12 either so that suggestion would be incorrect.

(11 Oct '16, 11:49) Nick Elson S...
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