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Using SQL Anywhere (authenticated edition)

I'm trying to deploy the minimal set of files needed for a 32bit ODBC-based client connnection. I've got to the point where I can add a new ODBC datasource using the Windows control panel program (ODBCAD32.exe) but when I click 'Test connection' I get this error:

Connection failed: Encryption error: Missing or invalid encryption DLL "dbrsa17.dll"

I've not included 'dbrsa17.dll' intentionally as the help file suggests that it's only needed for an encrypted connection, which I am not using. Is the error message correct and the DLL must always be included or is this a bug?

(in case it's relevant, the registry entries for my ODBC datasource are below)


asked 16 Aug '16, 05:56

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This is an error in the documentation. The dbrsa DLL must now always be installed.

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answered 16 Aug '16, 08:03

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Thanks for the replies.

I've been using the local CHM version of the help files for reference and it looks like they have been updated since I installed them: the version I had was dated December 12 2015 and the page 'SQL Anywhere Server - Programming > Database and application deployment > Requirements for deploying client applications > ODBC client deployment > ODBC driver required files' did not mention dbrsa17.dll.

I've just updated to the latest version of the CHM files dated April 14 2016 and this page does now include dbrsa17.dll. Sorry for the confusion - I'd been assuming that the local help would be automatically updated as part of applying an EBF but now realise this isn't the case.

(16 Aug '16, 08:30) Luke

Can you point me at the documentation pages that suggest the DLL is only needed for encrypted connections? Those pages are incorrect.

This used to be true in v16 and earlier, but as of v17 both the client and server use this DLL for all connections. It must always be included.

Mark beat me to it by about 40 seconds.

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answered 16 Aug '16, 08:04

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