I am using dbremote -r -rd 300s -s -sd 300s to poll for messages every 5 minutes. I am running it as a service using dbsvc on startup. It seems to stop polling after a while and the messages get held up in the inbox and outbox folders and yet the service is still running. It is until I restart the service that the messages get applied again. Then after some time the polling stops again. Does anyone know why the polling is stopping ?

asked 04 Jul '16, 02:52

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What SQL Anywhere version do you use? Could you show a snippet of the SQL Remote log (dbremote -o console.log)?

(04 Jul '16, 02:57) Volker Barth

You could try splitting your -s phase from your -r phase. That way you could narrow this down to just one phase.

Both phases have their own requirements and could block or wait on available resources under differing conditions.

As Volker has already noted, without some verbosity in your logging (-v -o ___) it will be difficult to guess what is happening.

(04 Jul '16, 13:14) Nick Elson S...

Thank you for your feedback. I am using SQL Anywhere 11. After reviewing the remote log file I noticed the following statement :

Receiving message from ru_branch SQL statement failed (-308) Connection was terminated

Then the service stops. Why is the connection terminating this way ?

In other cases I find the remote log registering :

Sending message to ru_branch Sending message to ru_branch Sending message to ru_branch

every 5 minutes without initiating the Receiving and Applying message although there are messages in the inbox

(09 Jul '16, 02:54) Nassib
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OPTION suppress_dialogs ?

(09 Jul '16, 15:54) Marsel
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1) If dbremote losses connection to the database, it shuts down. If you are running as a service, I would ensure that the dbremote is started with the -qc switch so that it closes on completion, and then setup your service so that it automatically restarts when shut down. However, if the database engine isn't running, dbremote will just shut down again. Is there anything of interested in the database engine log at the time that dbremote reports that the connection was terminated?

2) With regards to your second issue, as opposed to reviewing the dbremote output file yourself, I believe that Nick, Volker and myself were hoping you would post the actual file (all of it, not just where the problems occur) so we could look at as well. Something has stopped dbremote from polling for new messages, but without the dbremote log, it's difficult to diagnose the problem.


(11 Jul '16, 10:03) Reg Domaratzki

This option would be helpful if the issue was with communication with the message system. However, in the first issue, the connection that was terminated was between SQL Remote and the database engine, and in the seocnd issue, the send phase of dbremote seems to have no issues sendings messages, so communicatin with the message system seems ok.

(11 Jul '16, 10:09) Reg Domaratzki
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