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Hello everyone,

How the order of Ultralite sync upload is determined? I mean, if I have two tables, A and B, not refering each other, which table is synced first? The first one declared in the database schema xml (which I use to generated the UDB)? The order of the publication definition?

I'm asking this because as parte of some techincal decisions, we didn't create a FK in which A refers to B, and we want to understand this to avoid A being synced before B.

Ps: Please, let's not discuss why we're doing in this way, we're already having this discussion internally for days =p

asked 18 Mar '16, 09:17

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We do not have a documented table order but we do try to ensure that child records come before parent records.

You can use the TableOrder synchronization parameter to ensure a specific table order.

(18 Mar '16, 10:09) Chris Keating

The table sync order is the order from the internal schema representation (after ensuring order for foreign keys). This probably matches your xml order and is stable (perhaps aside from DDL statements), but if you have a requirement you must use the TableOrder parameter. As Chris said we don't guarantee the order and it could change (aside from restrictions from foreign keys).

(18 Mar '16, 11:55) Tim McClements
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Tks Tim by your comment!

(18 Mar '16, 12:18) Alex

Have you had a look at that topic from the v12 doc set?

Table order in UltraLite

It does not really answer your question (i.e. how the default order is determined when there are NO FK relationships) but it does tell a way to specify the order by yourself by using the "TableOrder" parameter.

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answered 18 Mar '16, 10:03

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Volker Barth
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This seems to be a solution to our problem, but what about the default? is it random?

(18 Mar '16, 10:21) Alex
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