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We have some problems using external procedures (using CLR) on client's server. Actually, we do not have problem with the procedure itself, but with the external environment.

When I run the command "Start external environment CLR" in dbisqlc on my PC, there is no problem running it. But, when I run the same command on my client's server, I have the following error : "External environment cannot be started, external process terminated on start up". I tried many things but I could not find the source of the error. The file dbextclr16.exe is correctly located in the Bin32 directory and the .Net framework (2.0, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0) is correctly installed.

When I look in the Event Viewer of the server, I got the following report :

Fault bucket , type 0
Event NameĀ : CLR20r3
ResponseĀ : Not available
Cab Id : 0

Problem signature : P1 : dbextclr16.exe P2 : P3 : 539f5a00 P4 : dbextclr16 P5 : P6 : 539f5a00 P7 : 3a P8 : 16 P9 : System.IO.FileNotFoundException P10 :

Thanks for the feedback

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Breck Carter

It's probable you are missing a required file. (dll, exe) Do make sure you have the neccessary .Net runtime installed, the documentation indicates you need to have a minimun version 3.5 CLR. dbextclr16.exe does require the .Net provider to be registered and needs some additional dlls.

If this doesn't help any, you may find you'll need to do some tracing of the failure and compare that to a running system. The old sysinternals ProcessMonitor or ProcessExplorer may help out to do some of that. There may also be some .Net CLR tools that may be useful.

Good luck.

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answered 08 Mar '16, 17:00

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Volker Barth

Thanks for the tips. I fix the problem by running the following command on the client's server to fix the .Net assemblie : %SQLANY16%\Assembly\v2\SetupVSPackage.exe /install /salocation %SQLANY16%

(09 Mar '16, 10:12) francisbrochu
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