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the sybase ASA 9.0 DB data file run error

cache size adjusted........ cache size adjusted to 261616K fatal error:memory exhausted

message error : dynamic memory exhausted

This should be how to solve, database could not be started normally now

asked 21 Feb '16, 03:49

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Hm, a prompt googling shown me this link: It is possible that the DB cannot allocate the cache size, but I know neither how big was the cache, nor how much memory you have, and even what is the version of SA you are using + platform (32/64 bit).

(21 Feb '16, 07:07) Vlad

sybase ASA 9.0 DB data file run error on windows xp 32bit

(21 Feb '16, 09:44) mfkpie8
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Can you please tell us the DB size, the cache size (initial, and maybe after some time) and the RAM size?

(21 Feb '16, 09:45) Vlad

sybase ASA 9.0 DB data file run error on windows xp 32bit,The database file size is 160 m, the other is the system sybase server startup default option。 I Tested using the parameters as follows: dbsrv9.exe -c 90P -ca 0 -n myserver star.db to start the server, the problem remains


(21 Feb '16, 10:05) mfkpie8

My database problem still failed to start properly, how can I solve this version 9.0 can not normal start the database or normal export data structure and data table

(21 Feb '16, 19:02) mfkpie8

What have you done since I posted my last 'answer'?

You may want to show the console log so we can get a clearer picture about a failure to start verse dynamic cache resizing. If this happen when you run with just dbeng9.exe database.db then what happens when you remove the transaction log from the equation? {You will need run dbeng9.exe -f once to skip the transaction log recovery.}

If nothing else helps, have you considered resorting to backups and applying logs to see if that helps any?

(22 Feb '16, 11:53) Nick Elson S...
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Since you have been posting your updates as answers can we assume your issue has been resolved?

If not this error is strictly an issue with available memory left over outside of your cache allocation. It is possible your cache is just too big for your usage. Start by reducing the amount of cache you've allocated.

If you are using an early build of 9.0.x you may be hitting one of a few different issues that were addressed along the way. The last fix for these kinds of issues was incorporated in the last few EBFs provided for 9.0.2 (builds 3795 and higher).

Ultimately if simply reducing your maximum cache to something small enough to resolve this then you will need to find out what operation needs all the extra memory to compile or execute. The SQL statement may need to be modified or broken down to something less complex to avoid the excessive, extra-cache dynamic requirements.


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answered 21 Feb '16, 13:17

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