Hello there, we bought asa17 licenses for one of our customers. Now we have found that some features are no longer included in asa17. In version asa16 these are still in there. Now we want to use ASA16 version at the customer. Now the question. Is it possible to downgrades from asa17 to asa16? if yes how? Or do we need to buy new licenses ASA16 for our customers? Or can we use the asa17 licenses for asa16 as well.

thanks 4 answer :)

asked 04 Feb '16, 04:44

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I am curious to know what features these are.

(05 Feb '16, 11:25) JBSchueler
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is seems that asa17 dosnt support Windows Mobile anymore,but ASA16 still do

(08 Feb '16, 03:36) Malkwitz

FWIW, that's a documented behaviour change:

Support for SQL Anywhere Server on Windows Mobile discontinued
SQL Anywhere Server is no longer supported on Windows Mobile. However, UltraLite is still supported on Windows Mobile and will continue to function normally.

So, would Ultralite 17 fit your needs?

(08 Feb '16, 12:10) Volker Barth

You should be able to generate licenses for SA16 using the SAP Support Portal (the same way, the licenses for SA 17 were generated). Do to so, you'll previously have to change the current system's product version from "SAP SQL Anywhere 17.0" to "SAP SQL Anywhere 16.0".

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answered 04 Feb '16, 07:13

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Reimer Pods
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We are wondering the same question. But we don't have a SAP support portal account registered with a SQL anywhere 17 license to test the key generation. May I ask if there is any license documents from SAP mentioning this downgrade rights?

(20 Oct '16, 05:41) wcl
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