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is it possible to send error messages to a log or messages tab instead of pop-up?

If I run SP massively I have to disable error popup and loose the messages or click 1 by 1.

asked 08 Jan '16, 05:49

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Have a look at the MESSAGE statement - it gives you a lot of control.

However if you are getting SQL errors, you need handle them in the SP or you will get a notification. see the EXCEPTION clause

If you look at the options in ISQL there are also some setting about the way scripts handle errors.

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answered 08 Jan '16, 06:47

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Justin Willey
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Maybe my fault and I didn't explain well.

If I'm validating some data in the stored procedure and returning an error message the output will be return to in a pop up window.

In option I have the possibility to continue, notify and continue, prompt, stop and notify, etc. However all these options open a popup window.

If I need to run 50 times the same procedure I will get 50 pop up and I will no be able to copy paste all the error messages, besides 1 by 1.

In toad for sybase or aseisql the error messages are in messages tab with ability to copy and paste.

(08 Jan '16, 09:24) siulogoid

Why don't you write the error messages into a table (base or temporary) rather than poping-up a window. and then select the results at the end?

BTW - you mention aseisql - are you using SQL Anywhere or ASE? This forum is about SQL Anywhere which is an entirely different product so the answers you get may not be appropriate for your situation.

(08 Jan '16, 09:30) Justin Willey
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