I am trying to determine what versions of Sybase which should drop using as we are currently converting our application to utilise a Unicode database.

We currently use Sybase SQL Anywhere Version 9 and 12. Sybase SQL Anywhere 12 seems to be fine with Unicode (NVARCHAR or NCHAR VARYING) however Sybase SQL Anywhere 9 does not appear to handle this.

I have been googling for a while now and have not found much in terms of support documentation for Sybase SQL Anywhere 9.

Is Sybase SQL Anywhere 9 no longer supported? What versions of Sybase SQL Anywhere have Unicode support?

asked 21 Sep '15, 21:58

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UNICODE/NCHAR support was introduced with SQL Anywhere 10.

Note, currently SQL Anywhere 12.0.1, 16.0 and 17.0 are fully supported versions, all older versions have been EOL'ed long before, as is stated here.

Of course you are free to ask questions for older versions, too:)

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answered 22 Sep '15, 02:11

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Volker Barth
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FWIW There was a very limited Unicode capability in version 9 (and earlier versions) but that lacked any collation support. You need to be at version 10.0 or higher to get UCA and 'character length' (in contrast to 'byte length')semantics and nvarchar support.

None of which should matter if you only support the currently maintained releases.

(22 Sep '15, 09:42) Nick Elson S...
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