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We're using SQL Anywhere 12 as an embedded database in our application. As such, when we install our application on client systems, we don't do a full SQL Anywhere install. In fact, the only tool that we install that can run SQL scripts is dbisqlc.exe.

We have a salesman who is in Israel to do a demo. In preparation for that demo, I created a SQL script file that adds some special rows to our state table. One of these rows contains Hebrew characters.

I wrote the script using dbisql.exe. I also wrote a batch file to execute that script using dbisqlc.exe. I found that dbisqlc ignores the code page setting on the file and the row in the state table that should have Hebrew characters has gibberish instead.

How do I get this script to work?


The Hebrew character I need is called "Tsadi" and is HEX 05E6.

asked 23 Oct '13, 13:50

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I found the answer.

In the UTF-8 character encoding, which is what my database uses, CONVERT(NCHAR(1), 0xd7a6, 0 ) works.

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answered 23 Oct '13, 14:36

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