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When I enter a syntax error on a query in Anywhere 12, I notice it takes around 45 seconds - 1 minute for it to come back and report the error. Is there anyway to fix this? I remember when we were using Anywhere 10 it would come back immediately.

asked 19 Mar '15, 13:18

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Morgan M
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That is completely unexpected. Is anything else running slowly? e.g., SELECT * FROM DUMMY?

Is the V12 setup the same as V10, or is the server on the other end of a 110 baud dialup line?

(19 Mar '15, 14:44) Breck Carter

No. Not that I know of. It's any query I run. If there is a problem with it, it takes about a minute to report the error. If there is no error, it comes back as normal.

Setup wise, I don't know. That's something I would need to check with our DBAs. I've asked them and they don't know the cause. Was hoping I can point them in the right direction.

(19 Mar '15, 15:06) Morgan M
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What client software is used to run the query? What mechanism is being used to report the error?

(19 Mar '15, 16:01) Breck Carter


What do you mean by mechanism? I'm running the query in SQL Anywhere and that's where the error is reported. The 'ISQL Error' box pops up.

(19 Mar '15, 16:36) Morgan M

So you are running dbisql which is a utility that ships with SQL Anywhere. It is possible the bottleneck lies with dbisql... although what that might be, I have no idea... maybe someone else does.

(19 Mar '15, 20:06) Breck Carter

Does the query involve any stored procedures, possibly with execute immediate statements?

Can you post an example of one that takes this long to return a syntax error?

(19 Mar '15, 20:18) Tyson Lewis

I've noticed this behaviour on some of our client's servers during remote sessions. ISQL (Java) started from Sybase-Central executing an SQL statement with a simple typo (say SELET 1 FROM dummy) took some time (max. 15 sec) to come back with the error message.

The same statement issued with DBISQLC gets instantaneous response.

At that time I guessed ISQL (or the engine) might be looking for a translation for the error message or for user-defined error texts. Just to add some context: SC's language is usually set to DE. But I haven't seen that behaviour recently.

(20 Mar '15, 09:32) Reimer Pods
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15 sec for a German translation - that's faster than I could to that, at least:)

(20 Mar '15, 09:52) Volker Barth
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From the lead DBISQL devleoper (who is currently unable to post):

This bug was fixed in and later.
You can also get around the problem by installing the documentation (HTMLHelp).

FWIW: I guess here's the relecant CR description:

================(Build #3388  - Engineering Case #676033)================

When a statement cannot be executed by the Interactive SQL utility, the error is displayed in an error window. That window contains a "Help" button which, which clicked, can display a menu of relevant help topics (for the error message and for the type of statement being executed). Opening this error window could have taken a non-trivial amount of time if the online documentation for SQL Anywhere was not installed. In those cases, the software had to check with the DocComment Exchange (DCX) server to see if help was available for the statement in question. While the Interactive SQL utility is doing this check, it could be unresponsive. The problem was most acute on machines that were not connected to the internet at all. This has been fixed so that the error dialog opens without delay, and Interactive SQL remains responsive at all times.
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answered 08 Apr '15, 15:51

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Jason Hinspe...
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Volker Barth

Can you elaborate on: "You can also get around the problem by installing the documentation (HTMLHelp)." How does one do that?

(08 Apr '15, 16:15) Morgan M
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You can find the download for the local installation here (both for 16.0 and 12.0.1):

SQL Anywhere Documentation Download

(09 Apr '15, 03:49) Volker Barth
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