I want to use directly within SQL Stored Procedure some data from external sources.

Types of external/remote data sources I mean:

  1. other Sybase databases (the same SQL Anywhere engine version, but different server)
  2. other database engines (including but not limited to MySQL, MS SQL Server)
  3. data returned from desktop applications and scripts
  4. data returned from URLs
  5. data from local text files
  6. use programming languages libraries

I'm using the Sybase SQL Anywhere 9 and 12 databases.

What from the list above is possible in them?

How to handle this?

asked 28 Dec '13, 17:50

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1, 2 and 5 can possibly be done via "remote data access" also known as proxy tables... 5 can possibly also be done via LOAD TABLE.

4 can possibly be done via web client procedures.

3 and 6 are too vague to even guess at.

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answered 28 Dec '13, 20:46

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Breck Carter
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Some further hints:

4 - web client procedures require SQL Anywhere 9.0.2 and above

For 3 and 6 we would need much more information about what kind of data you are thinking of. For example, it's surely possible to import all kinds of data in binary, text, XML format, say by the OPENSTRING clause of the SELECT statement, available with v11 and above, or by the openxml() system function...

(30 Dec '13, 03:18) Volker Barth
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