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I have two user groups in the database (SQL Anywhere 12). One is default dba group and other is "group1". When I connect with the database using the Sybase Central with dba username in ODBC, I can edit the data of all tables including the tables which belong to group1. So no any problem with the Sybase Central.

However when I connect to database using same ODBC profile with InfoMaker, the dba user cannot edit the tables of group1. It can only edit the tables which belong to dba user. I still cannot edit the group1 tables even if I connect with group1 user in the InfoMaker.

What could be possible wrong with the group1 permissions? Why does Sybase Central allows to edit but not the InfoMaker?

The group "group1" is has following authorities:



and it has Memberships: DBA Public.

Thanks for any help.

asked 18 Sep '13, 04:38

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What specific error are you getting when you access the tables in IM? If it differs between dba and group1 connections, please post that difference also.

(18 Sep '13, 08:11) Chris Keating

Do you have a primary keys on your group1.table?

If I recall correctly .. Infomaker requires a priamary key in order for the table to be updatable.

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answered 18 Sep '13, 08:40

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Alternatively, you can manually set the table's updateability if that is the case. Simply adding a PK after the IM object is created will not modify its updateable state. It may require that the object be recreated or manually set the updateable.

(18 Sep '13, 08:44) Chris Keating

Thanks, yes, primary key is the problem. If I set it, it will let me edit in InfoMaker. @Chris Could you please tell me how can I manually set the table's updateablity in this case?

(19 Sep '13, 03:02) sam
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