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My friend had a server in our home country for online games. He made a db tools for all Game Moderators. All Game Moderator can access the server using same db tools even some of them is in Singapore. But for me when i run the db tools, it only stay in the Task Manager. I try different OS from win XP S3 to Win 7 but still not working. By the way i'm here in middle east right now. Your help is much appreciated.

asked 25 Jun '13, 10:54

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Your question is a bit sparse in details - e.g. what is "manager.exe" (my guess is that this is an application written by your friend) - but it is sounding like you have a connection problem. I.e the "manager.exe" application cannot connect to the server that is running in a remote location.

If the above is correct then perhaps you need to verify that your internet connection / ISP is allowing non HTTP[s] connections from your computer to the remote site, or perhaps your computer has a firewall that is blocking outgoing connections.

To determine what is causing your problem you likely need to discuss this with your friend to determine where the database server is hosted (i.e. its internet IP address) and what port is being used by the remote server. I.e. you need to determine the connection string and host:port. Once you have this information you could use any number of tools (e.g. putty) to try to make a connection from your computer to the remote server to see if a TCP/IP connection can be established.

If you cannot establish the connection then check your computer to ensure that there is no firewall blocking the connection. If that is not the issue then you may need to talk to your ISP to determine what rules or regulations they have. I.e. what outgoing connections are allowed and what is blocked. E.g. some ISPs only allow HTTP or HTTPs outgoing connections or require that you use a proxy server to connect to the internet.


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