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Dear sir,

i am working on powerbuilder 7 with ianywhere 8 i have problem when i put query in isql session it 's run so fast but when i load it under datawindow become so slow and my data not big.anyone can help me.

Thanks in advance.

asked 17 Jan '13, 03:35

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Mark Culp


How many records your select is returning?

Below can be a reason: In isql you "see" a result when first portion of records are fetched (by default something like 500 or less). In datawindow (often) you may "see" a result when all records are fetched to datawindow.

So if your select returns some XXX number of records, i.e. 10000 or 20000 records, then you will fill that difference is big. To check - go to isql , menu Option and look there must be tab RESULT. There is limitation, how many records are fetched by default. You may select "all" records and then see - is it still fast with isql or not.

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answered 17 Jan '13, 07:59

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Thanks sir it's running good i tried to delete data from system tables in database and now it's ok

(17 Jan '13, 08:07) thaerlb

if your datawindow has text or column background colors that change based on data, it can be VERY slow to render and to scroll.

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answered 17 Jan '13, 07:36

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Tom Mangano
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PowerBuilder 7 with SQLAnywhere 8? Those were both released about 12 or 13 years ago... And you wonder why your queries are slow?

-Paul Horan-

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answered 17 Jan '13, 16:11

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ASA 8 was a very good release. And it's not so old. So depending on queries it may be not worst in performance compare to the current one.

(17 Jan '13, 23:51) JonJon
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