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Hello, i installed Sybase, sql anywhere12 for first time am trying to open Demo DB from Sybase Central 6.1.0 every time when i choose Start And Connect To A Database On This Computer. it give me error could not connect to the Database,the ODBC driver manager could not find the data source note that the Demo12 sql anywhere db is started successfully in system try icon " Windows 7 86bits"

asked 25 Sep '11, 07:47

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Mark Culp

Do you have an ODBC source (DSN) for the demo db? If you have it, try testing it with the button on the front page

(26 Sep '11, 05:20) Martin

Can you click "Show Details" on the Sybase Central error dialog. This will provide more details that would help in resolving this issue.

Please contfirm that the error you are seeing is "The ODBC Driver manager could not find the data source." and the "Show Details" reports:

[Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Data source name not found and no default driver specified SQLCODE=0 SQLSTATE=IM002

If this is the error, the problem is that Sybase Central is unable to locate the ODBC driver. It is either not installed or the entries in the registry are missing. The solution is to install the driver if not currently installed and/or re-register the driver.

It is possible that Sybase Central and the installed ODBC driver are not the same bitness. You can check the bitness of Sybase Central (scjview.exe) in Windows Task Manager which marks 32 bit processes with " *32". Make sure that you register the ODBC driver that is the same bitness as Sybase Central.

To register the driver, execute the following:

for 32-bit:

regsvr32 "%sqlany12%\bin32\dbodbc12.dll"

for 32-bit on 64-bit systems:

"%WINDIR%\SysWOW64\regsvr32.exe" "%sqlany12%\bin32\dbodbc12.dll"

for 64-bit:

regsvr32 "%sqlany12%\bin64\dbodbc12.dll"

for 64-bit on 32-bit systems:

Ha, nice try:)
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answered 27 Sep '11, 09:19

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Chris Keating
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Volker Barth

hello thank you for your answer, yes as you said i found that the ODBC driver not probably installed, when i tried to register it again, it didnt success, when i open the key value in the regedit it give me " cannot be opened ,access is denied" i dont know why!!

but i made rename to the dll file and i tried to register it with different name, and it work now

  • but why i have to chose the ODBC driver while i select data base running on this computer! thank you for your help
(27 Sep '11, 10:28) enghussein

You are the best

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answered 22 Oct '13, 08:03

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