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Is there a way to (empirical) calculate the "best" multiprogramming level for ASA9, as a function of the values ​​of certain properties of the: - database (sa_db_properties()), - engine (sa_eng_properties()), - connection (sa_conn_info()), etc. ?

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The short answer is no.

Computing the best multiprogramming level (aka MPL) is a very complicated process and the SA team - Mohammed Abouzour in particular - has spent years of research trying to do this (Note: Mohammed wrote his masters thesis on this topic). Newer versions of SA has automatic tuning of MPL as a builtin function - it encorporates "hill climbing" algorithms that watches the throughput of queries within the server and adjusts the MPL to improve the overall performance of the server. See the 12.0.1 docs for more info on auto tuning of MPL.

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Mark Culp
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Of course, I read the by Mohammed Abouzour's thesis (and thinking how to use Queueing Petri net model to this problem). Thank you.

(05 Dec '12, 09:17) Ilia63
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