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After I created my SQL Anywhere 12 windows service I tried to start it but got the messaage: "The SQL Anywhere service on the lcoal computer started and then stopped. Some services stop automatically if not used by other services or programs" I'm running Win 2008. Any thoughts on how to get the service to start?

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Can you post your service definition, and server console log if it is available? The information given does not provide much to go on.

(12 Nov '12, 15:19) Tyson Lewis
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Here's what I'm runningfrom the command line: dbsvc -as -w SYBASEDBSQL "D:SQL Anywhere 12Bin32dbeng12.exe" -n PD_REPOSITORY_16 -c 8m "D:SQL AnywherePD_REPOSITORY_16.db"

I also used Sybase Central Wizard to create the service The Server Console Log: Unable to initialize performance monitor data area; server startup continuing SQL Anywhere Network Server Version

OEM Authenticated Edition, licensed only for use with authenticated OEM applications.

Copyright © 2001-2010, iAnywhere Solutions, Inc. Portions copyright © 1988-2010, Sybase, Inc. All rights reserved. Use of this software is governed by the Sybase License Agreement. Refer to

Connection limit (licensed seats): 1 Processors detected: 1 (containing 4 logical processors) Maximum number of physical processors the server will use: 1 This server is licensed to: Windows User

Running Windows 2008R2 Build 7601 Service Pack 1 on X86_64 Server built for X86 processor architecture 2048K of memory used for caching Minimum cache size: 2048K, maximum cache size: 3566568K Using a maximum page size of 8192 bytes Multiprogramming level: minimum:4, current:20, maximum:80 Automatic tuning of multiprogramming level is enabled Starting database "PD_REPOSITORY_16" (D:SQL Anywhere 12PD_REPOSITORY_16.db) at Tue Nov 13 2012 07:43 Performance warning: Database file "D:SQL Anywhere 12PD_REPOSITORY_16.db" consists of 78 disk fragments Transaction log: PD_REPOSITORY_16.log Starting checkpoint of "PD_REPOSITORY_16" (PD_REPOSITORY_16.db) at Tue Nov 13 2012 07:43 Finished checkpoint of "PD_REPOSITORY_16" (PD_REPOSITORY_16.db) at Tue Nov 13 2012 07:43 Database "PD_REPOSITORY_16" (PD_REPOSITORY_16.db) started at Tue Nov 13 2012 07:43 This database is licensed for use with: Application: Sybase PowerDesigner/PowerAMC Company: Sybase Inc. Database server started at Tue Nov 13 2012 07:43 Trying to start SharedMemory link ... SharedMemory link started successfully Trying to start TCPIP link ... Starting on port 2638 TCPIP link started successfully Now accepting requests

(13 Nov '12, 07:44) mlapon0

Okay, so this log shows that the service started successfully. Nothing in the log suggests that is subsequently stopped. Perhaps it is crashing? "dbsupport -lc" and "dbsupport -ls" will list unsubmitted and submitted crash reports.

Also try starting it as a non-service and see what happens.

(17 Nov '12, 08:24) John Smirnios
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