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I have an production database that is inconsistent. Actually it just affect one table (a big table with about 37kk rows). If I try unload it, I got an error. If I try to select with an order by, I got an error. Using select * from table an then export data, I can get about first 15kk.

On this link, I show you output log this message

I need to recover this data since it holds some government info that I need to store for 5 years. As I know all my backups are corrupted too.

Please, help me!!!

asked 27 Oct '12, 11:36

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You say that if you try the select with an order you get the error, are there other indexes you can try to order by to get the rows in different orders?

I have had a success in the past with getting almost half the rows by ordering Ascending, and then almost all the rest by ordering Descending.

(28 Oct '12, 09:38) Justin Willey
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FWIW: Have your backups been validated? (No, that's no "know-it-all" suggestion, I'm just asking whether that corruption had gone unnoticed through full validation...)

(29 Oct '12, 11:21) Volker Barth

No, unfortunately our backups currently isn't validated, it's an 85gb database used 24x7 and validate slows out system. Any clue?

(29 Oct '12, 20:13) Zote
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Maybe you could run the validation on a copy of the backup (or a backup in read-only mode) on a separate box? - That will take time (and resources), for sure, however, an invalid backup is not much better than none at all...

(30 Oct '12, 06:08) Volker Barth

Sadly, SQL Anywhere doesn't have any tools for dealing with corrupted data.

Since you can run a SELECT * to get the "first 15K", perhaps you can figure out another "SELECT * WHERE some-column > some-value" that will give you the data on the other side of the bad page.

Good luck!

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answered 27 Oct '12, 17:36

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Breck Carter
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Place a call with technical support. The support team has some tools that offer at least the possibility of salvaging the data in your database, if they cannot work around the corruption problem in some other way.

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answered 29 Oct '12, 21:36

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Glenn Paulley
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Try SQL Database Recovery retrieves all data stored within SQL server .MDF files such as tables, triggers, views, stored procedures with damaged unique keys, primary keys and foreign keys. Deleted files are also successfully recovered and saved in a separate batch file for further use.

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answered 07 Mar '13, 04:21

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How does this answer apply to the question? Zote is not using SQL Server, he is using SQL Anywhere!

(07 Mar '13, 08:03) Mark Culp
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