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the new database still gives headaches: we are satisfied with the characters, but found another surprise: around midnight we get timestamps through jconnect which differ 1 hour to real time. that is at 00:15 we get the time 23:12 from day before. isql shows 00:15 today. we looked for timezone thing, found nothing strange. the weird thing is, that this time-offset shows only between 00:00 and 01:00 - after that, both isql-timestamps, jconnect-timestamps and wall clock timestamp are in sync. does this sound similar to someone?

we are still on ASA10, jonnect7 and java6.

asked 31 May '12, 11:21

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There is an issue that is caused by a bug with the jConnect driver where BIGDATETIME values are incorrectly handled between midnight and 1 AM.

An updated driver can be obtained from SDK 15.5 ESD #08 or higher that resolves the issue.

Solved Cases - 11637948

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answered 31 May '12, 12:38

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Tyson Lewis
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I am using jconn4.jar and calling a stored proc using simple test client.I see this issue for output paremeters.For result set it works fine.Does any one has a solution for output parameters?

(11 Jul '17, 06:41) skatiyar
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Please post a new question, with full details: your exact symptoms and the exact version you are using.

You have posted your comment on a 5-year-old reply.. be warned, laziness begets laziness! i.e., if you're too lazy to ask a new question, I'm too lazy to answer :)

...never mind :)

Volker has convinced me to stop being such a nanny.

(11 Jul '17, 08:32) Breck Carter

Well, I guess that may be due to my hint to that old question from that current one... - although we have not really got the required details there as well.

(11 Jul '17, 08:57) Volker Barth

You're right, I should relax more :)

(11 Jul '17, 15:05) Breck Carter
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