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We are currently testing new machines loaded with Windows 7 64 bit and lots of RAM. These machines will be an upgrade from Windows XP machines.

We have an application that runs a DBremote receive overnight so that users won't have to manually receive in the morning. We've run it for years on Windows XP 32 bit and it usually runs in under an hour

Our testing has turned up a few problems with running scheduled tasks in Windows 7. Firstly, it is impossible to make a task that is interactive other than for the user it was created as. And secondly, the receive is taking many times longer to run when run through the scheduler (with nobody logged in). For our purposes it is unpractical to force people to remain logged in since many people share some of the machines.

This is a huge problem because there will be times when the task is still running when the user logs into the machine in the morning, but since the job is not interactive, the user will not know it.

We can work around this by having our main app check to see if the scheduled task is still running before loading, but that won't solve the other issue, which is "Why is it running so slowly?".

Has anyone here run into a problem like that and if so can you provide any insight?

Thank you!

asked 15 Sep '10, 19:43

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Tim O'Connor
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It seems, that the failing desktop interaction is the reason for the slow down. Maybe you can use your task in a quite mode just logging to a file instead of printing messages to screen?

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answered 24 Sep '10, 09:23

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