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Does anyone know if someone is taking over the Foxhound product? I know SAP has customers that use it and I am wondering about the product's future? I assume that Rising Road was a one-person shop but I maybe I am wrong.

asked 13 Jul '23, 20:42

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I should also note that Breck's might vanish. I don't know the rules for, but it might not be that anything you create is perpetual. It's another resource that folks might want to keep around. And I am not suggesting that SAP do any of this.

(14 Jul '23, 17:15) JBSchueler
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Who has still access to the sources?

(17 Jul '23, 10:57) Martin

@Jack, do you know whether any SQL Anywhere team member has been in connection with Breck's family/heirs? (AFAIK, in former years, he had close contacts to many team members...)

I'm not familiar at all with Canadian laws but in case anyone would be willing to '"continue his work"' (whatever that could mean), probably that would require his heirs's commitment and involvement to keep his website(s) up or to take over ownership...

So I'd think that it would be helpful if any of the SQL Anywhere folks could help to establish further contacts...

(18 Jul '23, 08:13) Volker Barth
(07 Aug '23, 12:06) pcollins

Well, the original page is still up, and according to Ric's post, Breck's wife Bonnie is keeping it up...

(07 Aug '23, 12:12) Volker Barth

Last I heard from his wife was in January:

I am keeping Breck's websites up and keeping the domain names active. I do not know of a developer at this time who would take over but am hopeful that there will be someone. Breck was in the late stages of testing for the next version of Foxhound #6. I was contacted late Dec by someone who offered to host his websites. He knew Breck over the years. I don't know if he is a developer. My plan is to follow up with him in the next month or so.

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answered 27 Jul '23, 14:40

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I am keeping Breck's websites up

@Ricwash, does that include his blog (, too? - That would be great as it is truly a wealth of information on SQL Anywhere...

And of course it's very reassuring to hear the websites are not left alone!

(28 Jul '23, 03:10) Volker Barth
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I do not know, you certainly can ask by using Breck's email. His wife Bonnie was responding to it as of January. But I have not heard anything since.

(01 Aug '23, 08:12) ricwash

Ah, thanks for the clarification, I had mistaken the statement "I am keeping..." as yours, not Bonnie's. So I guess I'm going to ask her. :)

(01 Aug '23, 08:30) Volker Barth

Maybe it could be something that becomes part of SQL Anywhere and could be maintained by SAP.

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answered 14 Jul '23, 02:31

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Frank Vestjens
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