It is clear that the database prevents dropping (or replacing) a table which is already participating in a publication.

I don't know why the table name in the message is very odd. Example:

create or replace table mytest (sn int, des varchar(10));--OK
create publication mypub (table mytest);--OK

and then:

drop table mytest
-> Error Table mytest is participating in a publication --OK

create or replace table mytest (sn int, des varchar(10));

-> Error Table TESEYLEFJEYSOVB is participating in a publication --NOK, and every time I get a different table name

asked 09 Nov '22, 06:13

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Can't comment on the wrong table name in the error message...

But you usually will want to use ALTER TABLE here - take care that certain modifications are forbidden/discouraged within a SQL Remote setup, such as dropping/renaming columns or changing from NULL to NOT NULL when nulls might "be around" from outstanding messages.

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answered 09 Nov '22, 06:39

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Volker Barth
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converted 09 Nov '22, 06:42

both create table statements are identical, I dont want/need to change/alter the table structure.

I just wanted to drop the table and create it within the same statement.

(09 Nov '22, 06:45) Baron
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I just wanted to drop the table and create it within the same statement.

But why would you do that if the statements are identical? Certainly not in a running SQL Remote setup...

If this is meant to re-start a test setup, you might just drop the article from the publication before you re-create the table or drop and re-create the publication altogether.

Or start from scratch again - in my experience, a SQL Remote or MobiLink setup "has its history", so if you want to re-start, say after changing the publication design, it might be easier and less error-prone to start with a fresh publication and fresh remotes.

(09 Nov '22, 09:50) Volker Barth

Yes, it is meant to re-start a test setup, and Yes I do actually dropping the publication.

Just wanted to report the error.

(09 Nov '22, 10:07) Baron

Thank you for reporting this. I am working on a fix.

(09 Nov '22, 11:25) Chris Keating

This is fixed in Engineering Case# 827368 and will be in a future patch.

(30 Nov '22, 10:29) Chris Keating
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