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From Novalys this offer arrived today...

"35% discount on SQL Anywhere licenses until December 20, 2020*"

About that asterisk ( there's always an asterisk :)

"(*) on Novalys Data Suite, including SQL Anywhere 17 and Reporting Studio"

So what's "Novalys Data Suite" (or the correctly spelled "Novalsys Data Suite" for that matter)?

...who knows, Google doesn't know, but I'm checking it out :)

asked 12 Nov '20, 10:13

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Breck Carter
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I was surprised, they say (and their domain name), they exist since 1999, but I have never heard about them. Maybe they were quiet until 2020.

(13 Nov '20, 03:30) Vlad
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Well, when searching for SQL Anywhere in the last years, this site was often listed as one of the top results IMHO, and that took me by surprise... Disclaimer: That's basically all I "know" about this company.

(13 Nov '20, 11:03) Volker Barth

You looked up and/or, not, right? (because I am always confusing novalys with novalsys)

(13 Nov '20, 15:41) Breck Carter

The offer does not include SQL Anywhere 17 Edge Workgroup 5 users in Canada.

I checked, and the answer was "buy it from the SAP store".

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answered 21 Nov '20, 07:03

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Breck Carter
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