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My UltraLite 17 UWP app cannot connect to MobiLink 17. It timesout. It has never connected. I have a UltraLite.NET 17 version of the app that does sync successfully repeatedly. The Sync Parameters are the same, now that I rectified the comma issue. The UWP app has the "Private Networks" and "Enterprise Authentication" enabled. The is no evidence of an attempted connection in the MobiLink 17 logs. This is with minimal logging and quite verbose logging. Have I overlooked anything? A Setting? Not sure whether this is an UWP or UltraLite/MobiLink issue. Thought I'd ask here before getting our network people involved.

asked 21 Jun '17, 15:27

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I get the same Time Out if I do not enable Enterprise Authentication. I am using Connecion.Synchronize (syncParams, syncObserverDelegate). I am not creating another thread at any point to Sync.

(22 Jun '17, 06:57) BESpring

The following are defined in the sample application:

<capabilities> <capability name="internetClient"/> <capability name="privateNetworkClientServer"/> </capabilities>

This matches the setting Private Networks (Client & Server).

Can you add Internet (Client) for testing? Does that allow the connection. If not, please provide the exact error code that is reported at the client.

(22 Jun '17, 08:00) Chris Keating

<capability name="privateNetworkClientServer"/> </capabilities> gets me network accessibility. Internet (Client) does not get facilitate connection. MobiLink Error # 241.

(22 Jun '17, 08:30) BESpring

Where are the samples, in particular this sample program, installed? I can't seem to find them on my HD

(22 Jun '17, 08:38) BESpring

Found sample. Can't load into VS 2017. I think it is VS 2012 proj, not sure. The only Capability enabled in its "manifest" file is "internetServerClient". This doesn't connect to the network nor prevent the time out.

(22 Jun '17, 08:53) BESpring

I can't load the CustDB project because it's a SilverLight project. That must be why it has "internetServerClient" enabled. I'm working with a pure UWP project.

(22 Jun '17, 09:53) BESpring
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I have given up on Connecion.Synchronize (syncParams, syncObserverDelegate). I am now using Connection.SychronizeAsync (syncParams). I did this after looking at the sample program and saw they were using it. I looked at the code file in notepad since VS2017 would not load it. AND I CAN SYNC with SychronizeAsync. The "Private Networks" Capability is the only Capability enabled.

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answered 22 Jun '17, 12:00

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Are you running your sync in the context of a UI thread? If so, you are likely blocked and that is why the SynchronizeAsync may be working. If you move the Synchronize() call into a non-UI thread, I suspect that the problem will resolve.

(22 Jun '17, 13:23) Chris Keating

I did just that a couple of times, moving where I created the new thread in my app to different places. But I always got MobiLink error 63. I was going to follow up on this. But not now for the time being. Thanks for you help. Your mentioning the sample program made me take a 2nd look at it even though I couldn't load into any version of VS I have.

(22 Jun '17, 14:30) BESpring
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