I'm using the following query type quite a lot (joining a stored procedure to a table):

SELECT L.rPartijCnt FROM vkreg, LATERAL( GRN_PartijCreate(vkreg.siteid,vkreg.id,1) with (rSucces tinyint,rPartijCnt integer,rColliPerDc integer,rColliRest integer) ) L

But whenever I add an extra column to the result set of the procedure (GRN_PartijCreate) I have to change the queries using this procedure and add the new column to this "with" clause too (although I'm not intrested in the values)

Is there a way to use this procedure and only descripe the columns I actually want to use somehow (using sqlanywher 11 and up)?

thanks in advance

asked 01 Oct '16, 07:01

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The docs state that

Specifying LATERAL (table-expression) is equivalent to specifying LATERAL (SELECT * FROM table-expression).

and your procedure call is a table-expression so you might simply use something like

... LATERAL(SELECT rPartijCnt FROM GRN_PartijCreate(vkreg.siteid,vkreg.id,1) ...

to solve that problem. You might even be able to omit the WITH clause then, but note, I have not tested that.

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answered 01 Oct '16, 07:56

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Volker Barth
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Hi Volker,

good to point me to the docs!

That led met to the "CROSS APPLY" section, and when using "cross apply" I apparently can omit the parameter specification and that's a really cool feature!

(03 Oct '16, 06:04) Franky
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Yes, I usually prefer CROSS APPLY, too, although it's not ANSI SQL...

(03 Oct '16, 06:22) Volker Barth
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