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What SQL do I use to get a list of functions and a list of procedures from the database? I need to get two distinct lists. This SQL brings back both procedures and functions in one list:

select + '.' +,, a.crdate, '', 0, ''
from sysobjects a, sysusers b
where a.type = 'P'
and a.uid = b.uid
order by,



asked 05 Jan '10, 22:00

Brad%20Wery's gravatar image

Brad Wery
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SQLA: 10.0.1
This may not be the best solution, but I couldn't another way to determine one from the other.

    su.user_name + '.' + sp.proc_name as Full_Name, 
    CASE substr(left(proc_defn,8), 8, 1) 
        WHEN 'p' THEN 'Procedure' 
        WHEN 'f' THEN 'Function' 
    END as Object_Type

    sysprocedure sp, 
    sysuser su

    sp.creator = su.user_id

order by 

Then, of course, you could restrict based on Object_Type.

Hope it helps!

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answered 05 Jan '10, 22:49

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Calvin Allen
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Breck Carter

I'll go with this for now. It works, that's all I need right now.

(05 Jan '10, 23:33) Brad Wery

It probably is the best solution. Sadly, the system catalog tables don't differentiate, with sysobject.object_type = 6 for both.

(06 Jan '10, 11:35) Breck Carter

...Which leads to the question, how the database server differentiantes between both types? Or is this done in a context-sensitive way, i.e. CALL myFunction(1) is somewhat different from SELECT myFunction(1)? (AFAIK, using functions quite like procedures - including INOUT parameters and the like - is possible in older SA versions, adding to the conclusion that both types are more similar than expected).

(06 Jan '10, 11:55) Volker Barth

Yeah, there are also calls to 'drop procedure' and 'drop function'. How do they work?

(06 Jan '10, 17:29) Calvin Allen

Nevermind, I just answered my own question. 'drop procedure' will drop functions, and 'drop function' will drop procedures. Strange implementation.

(06 Jan '10, 19:41) Calvin Allen

Just a backlink from a similar question:

Karim has shown a better approach (IMHO) here, based on querying sysprocparm:

For each function, that table contains an entry with parm_type = 4 for the function's return type - something that procedure do not have by design. So that should be a reliable way to differentiate them.

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answered 31 May '11, 11:28

Volker%20Barth's gravatar image

Volker Barth
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edited 31 May '11, 11:29

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