The docs for MobiLink 12 ODBC drivers seems to be missing (there are a LOT of dead links in the old DCX pages, it makes one wish that more content had been moved into the Help instead of banished to now-deleted pages, alas)

asked 30 Apr '15, 09:17

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Breck Carter
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Well, it's not that difficult - just follow the link on the "Supported platform" page, and you'll get that answer:

alt text

In other words (at least as I'm supposed to understand that message): "Don't rely on lame old row-based RDMBSs, move on!"

(30 Apr '15, 09:54) Volker Barth
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alt text

(30 Apr '15, 10:16) Breck Carter

Does that relate to my or SAP's contribution?

(I'll know when you post that image a second time...)

(30 Apr '15, 10:24) Volker Barth
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Preliminary testing shows that SQL Anywhere version remote database synchronizes OK in both directions with a Microsoft SQL Server 2012 - 11.0.2100.60 (X64) consolidated database using MobiLink, using the ODBC driver that came with the SQL Server installation.

I cannot find any official SAP documentation that contradicts this.

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answered 01 May '15, 09:47

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Breck Carter
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We've been using SQL Server 2012 as the consolidated database with Mobilink 12.0.1 for the past year or so without any issues in our production system - just using the standard ODBC drivers.

(01 May '15, 11:44) Mike Killey

The recommended ODBC drivers page now lives at Microsoft SQL Server 2012 and 2008 and that shows that SQLServer 2012 is "Recommended for use with MobiLink"; with the guidance and recommendation listed there.

I can get to the from the page which I can link to from the SAP SQL Anywhere Supported Platforms and Engineering Support Status page which currently can be linked to from the V16 DCX 'overview' page Supported platforms.

You should find these and other, such, helpful links are more easily linked to from the public comment at the bottom of the DCX page.

[hopefully this will help others find those links]

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answered 30 Apr '15, 10:39

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Nick Elson S...
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Just to clarify: That page seems to list those consolidated databases for ML 16. Does that also hold for ML 12, according to Breck's question? (I'm quite sure HANA is not supported on ML 12...)

Besides that, it would be helpful if the according links in the 12.0.1. DCX overview page would be updated, as well, as that is still a supported version:)

(30 Apr '15, 11:57) Volker Barth

All of those Version 16 pages are easily accessible, but none of them are any help whatsoever... the question referred to support for MobiLink Version 12 which (as Volker notes) is still supported, not Version 16.

It is possible (likely?) that MobiLink Version 12 has never been tested with SQL Server 2012, but it seems impossible to tell if MobiLink Version 12 supports ANY version of SQL Server let alone 2012.

(30 Apr '15, 13:17) Breck Carter
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