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This error occurs when inserting rows into a table which has dependant materialized view in SQLA12 db (see attached image for full details).

Any ideas on why this is happening? This happens on 1 or 2 databases, the rest (90+) is working great. This is databases which started out as ASA5.5 db's once upon a time. Otherwise, everything works as it should.

We've also installed the lastest EBF for SQL Anywhere 12 (4142), but the error still occurs.


Bjarne Anker Maritech Systems AS Norway

asked 14 Nov '14, 07:51

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Bjarne Anker
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According to CR number 756681 (fixed in, I would have thought this bug should have been fixed in your EBF. - FWIW, 4142 is not the latest one for 12.0.1.

(14 Nov '14, 08:05) Volker Barth

Hi Volker.

I noticed now that 4142 is not the latest EBF, but this error should be fixed also in 4142. Anyways, the error occurs when running simple INSERT or UPDATE statement from PowerBuilder embedded sql against a table with dependency to a materialized view. The line-view has a join against another materialized view. Also, there are some triggers on one of the tables, if that has anything to do with the case?


Bjarne Anker

(17 Nov '14, 02:22) Bjarne Anker
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I'm just another customer so I can't tell that...

Does the description of the cited CR fit your situation?

  • An INSERT, UPDATE, or DELETE statement triggered the change of an immediate materialized view.
  • The problem only happened when the very first INSERT, UPDATE, or DELETE of the table in a connection was executed in a nested block, for example a trigger or procedure.

As Jeff seems to have asked for more details on your similar quesion on SCN, that's probably the way to go:)

(17 Nov '14, 03:13) Volker Barth

I will take a look. Do you have any more details about the issue? Is the insert executed from the client or from stored procedure? Does it happen at random times? first time the insert is executed? Does the view cover one or more tables?

(17 Nov '14, 15:02) Elmi Eflov
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