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When I create complex views as normal sql queries, complete with comments and a style of indentation that I am comfortable with - - I find when I then create the view and come back to edit it -- it has been massively reformatted by sql anywhere.

Is there any way to preserve my desired formatting? I admit that my style is highly influenced by my experience with MS SQL Server, which does not do any reformatting of my views.

asked 22 Apr '14, 02:21

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That was it - thanks!!

(22 Apr '14, 10:34) BillClune

Make sure the preserve_source_format database option is on.


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answered 22 Apr '14, 03:52

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Vincent Buck
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In addition to Vincent's answer: The preserve_source_format option has existed for many years and the default has always been 'ON'.

If it is 'OFF' in your database, you should check all other database options to make sure the same [cough] evil influence hasn't damaged some other setting... 99.99% of the time in SQL Anywhere the defaults are what you want, as opposed to other DBMS products.

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answered 22 Apr '14, 08:56

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Breck Carter
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