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I found this select syntax online but not able to make it work. Please help.

I have a table that have colName as TEXT column that has special ascii characters from 0 thru 31. I an trying to do a select for this colName that will replace all special characters as '?' What am I doing wrong in this select?

select REPLACE(**colName**, 
            PATINDEX('%[^a-zA-Z0-9 ]%', 
                  **colName** collate Latin1_General_BIN), 1), '?')
from table 
WHERE PATINDEX('%[^a-zA-Z0-9 ]%', **colName** collate Latin1_General_BIN) <> 0

asked 25 Mar '13, 17:00

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Mark Culp


What database software are you using? ... I ask because the 'collate Latin1_General_BIN' syntax is not supported by SQL Anywhere ... so where did you find the syntax online.

Please refer to the SA documentation which you can find at - specifically you can find the patindex function here.

(25 Mar '13, 21:47) Mark Culp

We have Adaptive Server Enterprise.

(26 Mar '13, 14:49) hm9m
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This isn't the forum you're looking for...

(26 Mar '13, 15:41) Breck Carter

Be careful: The Empire HANA Strikes Back...

(27 Mar '13, 12:18) Volker Barth

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Take a look at my answer to a similar question.

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answered 25 Mar '13, 21:51

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Mark Culp
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