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The last EBF was applied is SQL Anywhere - Express Bug Fix, Update of 9.0.2 to build 3951 for Linux x86 platform, but it doesn't solve the problem.

I'm using an ODBC data source with Oracle Instant Client. I tested the data source in DataManager and it works (fills list with table names from user schema).

Then, I created the remote server using the master in Sybase Central. But when i'm trying to test it, i've got a message "Communication Error" and RDBMS crashed.

What can i do to solve this problem?

asked 21 Dec '12, 03:35

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Volker Barth

The following doc page (here for v12, but does apply to v9, too, AFAIK) may be of help:

Connectivity tests

(21 Dec '12, 04:09) Volker Barth

ODBC data source with Oracle Instant Client

... and the iAnywhere Oracle ODBC driver on top? Or is it Oracle's ODBC driver? Which version of the Instant Client are you using?

(21 Dec '12, 08:59) Jeff Albion

Oracle Instant Client for Linux x86 Version

(21 Dec '12, 12:55) Chudinov
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and the actual ODBC driver that is accessing the Instant Client is...?

(21 Dec '12, 14:10) Jeff Albion

Sorry, but I don't understand what meens the "the actual ODBC driver that is accessing the Instant Client"...

Look insight the client package and you'll see.

I just downloaded the instant client package, then extracted it into folder, for example /oraclient , then setup the environment variables and fill the odbcinst.ini, odbc.ini, tnsnames.ora files, then i tested the datasource in DataManager program from unixODBC package. It works.

You want to say that's the trouble in versions?

(22 Dec '12, 06:11) Chudinov

I run script in iSQL: SET OPTION cis_option = 7; FORWARD FI {select sysdate from dual};

I recieved the same message with "Communication Error" and RDBMS crached.

There is a message in /var/log/messages: Dec 24 07:36:30 SQLAnywhere (test_db): Connect to 'FI' class 'oraodbc' using 'OracleFIN'

OracleFIN is ODBC datasource name.

That's all. The problem is still actual.

(23 Dec '12, 21:49) Chudinov
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Sorry, but I don't understand what meens the "the actual ODBC driver that is accessing the Instant Client"...

The Oracle Instant Client - Basic download does not contain an ODBC driver. There is a separate download alongside it named "Oracle Instant Client - ODBC" which is the companion ODBC driver (which accesses the Instant Client libraries), which is from Oracle.

SQL Anywhere requires an ODBC driver to access a remote server.

Through our own testing, we found that Oracle's ODBC driver had numerous stability issues which is why we first supported third-party "DataDirect" ODBC drivers for Oracle, but then released our own Oracle ODBC driver in CR #472239, available in and up (as the DataDirect drivers were deprecated). We never supported using Oracle's ODBC driver directly.

Which ODBC library filename is unixODBC referring to in the 'OracleFIN' definition? Is it the iAnywhere Oracle ODBC driver, DataDirect Oracle ODBC driver, or Oracle's ODBC driver?

Also, it hasn't been mentioned yet in this thread but you should note that 9.0.2 is no longer in engineering support, so if there is a bug in the software that crashing the server, it will not be fixed.

(24 Dec '12, 10:13) Jeff Albion
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After a long long time of tries i decided to use an Oracle Wire Protocol driver that is contains in ASA distributive. I edited odbc.ini and so on. After all "Test Connection" on remote server was successfull.

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answered 09 Jan '13, 04:11

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So that apparently confirms Jeff's statement "We never supported using Oracle's ODBC driver directly."...

(10 Jan '13, 03:51) Volker Barth
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