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What is available to me, to connect to a Ver 5.0 database??? Any suggestions would be welcomed. I tried to connect to it, using the current client connection (as suggested elsewhere), but it doesn't recognize it. Client has some sort of CRM that some developer wrote, but I can't find anyway to access it. ACCESS, Sql, Excel, MySql ... none will attach.

Any suggestions are welcome

asked 16 Oct '12, 18:24

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First you need a copy of SQL Anywhere so that you can start the database on either a Personal Server (dbengX) or a Network Server (dbsrvX, for X between 5 and 9). Note however that all of these versions are end-of-lifed so you cannot get a copy from Sybase.

If you know the DBA userid and password to the database then you can use SA version 12 (or 11 or 10) to upgrade the database to a newer version. If you do not have the DBA password then you are going to have difficulty extracting any data. You could call Sybase Tech Support (see link at bottom of this page) but you need to prove that (a) you own the data in the database and (b) the vendor of the software that created the database allows you to extract the data from it.

Once you have the database started on a server then you can connect to it from any application that can "talk" ODBC by properly configuring the SQL Anywhere ODBC driver on your computer (the SA install will do this for you) and then specifying the appropriate connection string (See the SA documentation for more info). HTH

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answered 16 Oct '12, 18:37

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Mark Culp
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Thanks I'll keep looking for a version 9.x or older...
Just a reminder to everyone else.. save those CDs or back-ups.


(17 Oct '12, 07:49) mikeb032

FYI... You can still obtain a copy of the SQL Anywhere 9 Developer Edition. Just sign up to get the current version and when you get to the page that has the software, there's a link at the bottom to download earlier versions. You'll find SA9 there.

(17 Oct '12, 16:58) José Ramos
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