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One of our users received an assertion error message, on Windows 2008 server running SA 5.5.05 build # 2817. There is no transaction log defined and the event viewer displayed the error message below:

*** ERROR *** Assertion failed: 52101
Error during checkpoint when operating without transaction log

In order to restart the service they replaced the database with the last night's backup

Any suggestions on how to check the source of the issues?

UPDATE: dbvalid didn't indicate any issues.

asked 26 Sep '12, 11:10

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Derli Marcochi
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edited 27 Sep '12, 12:20

Just as a very vague hint: You may also try using the v9 dbvalid to do further checks...

(27 Sep '12, 12:25) Volker Barth

It does need to be remember that versions 5.5 and 6.0 went "End of Support" 12 years ago. And in this case version 5.5 was never tested with any of the currently shipping operating systems so there may be an issue there.

For assertions you should first refer to the technical whitepaper: "I've got an assertion! What should I do?"

In your customer's case if the continue to have or are repeateding having the assertion even after restoring the backup then the problem may also exist in the backup. As such you may need to rebuild the backup or resort to a database salvage.

Adding a transaction log should change the nature of the assertion and may prove to be more diagnostic but if this is due to corruption in the file then you may have no choice but to salvage the file some other way.

Do contact technical support if you make no progress with the information provided in the link (above).

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answered 26 Sep '12, 16:56

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Nick Elson S...
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Thanks - we still have a few customers that don't want to upgrade to 12 regardless all the info about EOL out there.
I already tried contacting Sybase tech support but haven't heard back yet.

(26 Sep '12, 18:13) Derli Marcochi
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Would they upgrade to v9? - v9 does at least support most current OS versions - and can run v5.5 databases. (Though the clients work somewhat differently, i.e. without the dbclient module...)

(27 Sep '12, 05:25) Volker Barth

I think that can be explained as a "resistance to change" :)

(27 Sep '12, 06:45) Derli Marcochi

I am sorry but I have found no recent support cases opened up concering this question. Did you contact 1-800-8-SYBASE (option 3) or a support office in your locale ?

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answered 26 Sep '12, 18:58

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Nick Elson S...
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Well, did you check for email support as well? I made contact via email - I can forward it to anyone else.

(27 Sep '12, 06:37) Derli Marcochi
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There is no option to open official technical support cases via e-mail. You can either use the phone to call your local support office number and have a case opened for you, or you can log a case yourself via our website: and have it dispatched to a technical support representative. Be sure to mention you are working with SQL Anywhere.

Since you are working with version 5, you will want to keep in mind our support policy on End-of-Life products, as we can only provide "limited technical assistance" through technical support - there is no engineering support.

If you e-mailed someone at Sybase directly, I'd recommend responding to them and instead open a case through the proper support channels (listed above). We can then track your issue properly once it's in the system.

(27 Sep '12, 14:28) Jeff Albion
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