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asked 04 Nov '10, 17:37

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Breck Carter
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So, let me see... Does this mean you ARE or AREN'T pleased with the progress on the Sybase Developer's Network?

(04 Nov '10, 18:00) Bill Aumen

@Breck: I am fit for the opening.

(04 Nov '10, 18:19) RPK

Hm. It is not like you to be so sarcastic, Breck :-)

(04 Nov '10, 18:24) Karim Khamis

@Karim: Sarcastic? Moi? Au contraire, I love CodeXchange now that it is read-only, people have to find working locations to post code :)

(05 Nov '10, 07:31) Breck Carter

@Bill: I am THRILLED, of course! ...what makes you think this posting has anything to do with the SDN? The word "Sybase" appears nowhere.

(05 Nov '10, 07:33) Breck Carter
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@RPK: I love your user id, it sounds so manly, a merging of RPG and PPK (Rambo, meet James Bond) ...but from your writing I doubt you would do very well interviewing for the Evil Catbert :)

(05 Nov '10, 07:44) Breck Carter

I actually forgot it is called CodeXchange until I saw your added comment; I used to look there with great hope that I would find some helpful code. But I gave up long ago. The GOOD news (in my mind anyway) is that this forum has proved to be a valuable resource. Unless my problem is an actual product bug that engineering has to fix, this is our best source of info. I am really glad to see Sybase staff participate and glad the new version is just days away.

(05 Nov '10, 17:12) Bill Aumen

@Everyone: My earlier comment was missing an emoticon. It should read thus: @Bill: I am THRILLED, of course! ...what makes you think this posting has anything to do with the SDN? The word "Sybase" appears nowhere :)

(05 Nov '10, 20:20) Breck Carter

Since this posting appears to have evolved into a discussion about CodeXchange, I was going to ask "what type of website would work as a mechanism to share code?" but perhaps Bill is right: perhaps this forum is the right mechanism? This may even be more true once the new 'SQLA' rolls out since it supports attachments and therefore it will be a lot easier to share larger samples. I would be interested to hear your thoughts about how you would like to share your code samples and how you feel you should be able to find/use the samples. Is this type of website the right tool or something else?

(06 Nov '10, 02:02) Mark Culp

I am adding a comment in reply on "What are the Terms and Conditions of SQLA 2.0?"

(08 Nov '10, 16:52) Bill Aumen
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