SQL Anywhere version is The application is .net application using SQL Anywhere. When tring to start up the application, it gets the error 'SQL Anywhere ADO.NET Data Provider, Failed to load native dll (C:\Documents and Settings\mwhitney\Local Settings\Temp\{16AA8FB8-4A98-4757-B7A5-0FF22C0A6E33}_0\dbdata.dll).' This error can't be passed for the application. The application worked well before and the machine is still same.

asked 22 Aug '12, 16:26

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Rose Cao
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Graeme Perrow

Hi, there was a bug fix releated to this ( http://search.sybase.com/kbx/changerequests?bug_id=654446 ) on 11.0.1 done in buil 2547. Since you are on 11.01.2427, you would need to upgrade to any build above 2547, or simply to the latest 11.0.1 2837 and see if it fixes your error.


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answered 23 Aug '12, 09:07

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Thank you Lucjan! In this CR Number 65446, it talks about multiple applications running simultaneously. What does it mean? Multiple .net applications, or any running applications on the computer?

(23 Aug '12, 09:24) Rose Cao

The bug was reproduced running multiple copies of the same application which was using iAnywhere.Data.SQLAnywhere provider.

Can't tell if other .net applications running on the same machine with an application using SA provider could cause the same error.

Assuming that you can reproduce it, your best option would be to give it a try with a new SA build.

(23 Aug '12, 13:12) Lucjan
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Thank you Lucjan! Your answers helped us.

(24 Aug '12, 11:04) Rose Cao
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