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We are using SQL Anywhere v12.01.3537 on Win Server 2008R2 with a mix of v10/12 MobiLink clients.

We are seeing where data from one table is uploaded, but not from another. I think it is due to a record lock in the consolidated database. There is no indication that this data is not getting uploaded and the system does not try to upload it on future synchronizations.

Please help lead me in the right direction on this one as I am getting some frustrated users over this. I know the obvious answer is to avoid the record locks, but this is sometimes easier said than done. I am thinking the system should not "assume" data has been sent if it encountered a record lock.

Is there a switch on the server or client that governs this behsviour?

Server Start Line: mlsrv12.exe -c "dsn=central Database;dbn=central01;eng=central01;uid=xxx;pwd=xxx;commlinks=tcpip" -x tcpip{port=2440} -zs "MLServer" -ot -os 20m -zf -zu+ -v cnpus -dl -q -e c:bersysmlerrors12.txt -w 40 -wu 20 -cm 4g -r 1000000

Client Start Line: dbmlsync -c "dsn=local database;dbn=local;eng-local;uid=xxx;pwd=xxx" -k -x -vno -e "LockTables=OFF;FT=off;sv=sales17;adr='host=;port=2440' -n "pub_ml_sales" -uo -o c:bersysmlclient.txt c:bersys

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Graham Hurst

I believe this problem has been fixed in the MobiLink server. Please get the latest 12.0.1 EBF with a build number greater than or equal to To temporarily avoid this problem, please restart the MobiLink server and make sure no remote database will send a sync request to the MobiLink server before the previous sync for the same remote database has completed.

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answered 27 Feb '12, 09:36

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Yufei Guo
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Thanks for the lead. I will update the server ASAP and am hopeful this will resolve our issues.

(27 Feb '12, 10:31) bgreiman

Please let us know if it does or doesn't solve your issues.

(27 Feb '12, 15:03) RussC_FromSAP
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