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A long time ago I fixed a mobilink sync fail problem, thanks to support, because the default time windows keeps a tcpip connection open, if the disconnect notice failed, was around 2 or 3 hours. There was a registry setting to change the time windows waits to force a disconnect but I can't remember what that was and I can't find it in my notes. Anyone know the setting?


asked 13 Feb '12, 19:27

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Optional parameters that you can configure by using Registry Editor


Key: TcpipParameters

Value Type: REG_DWORD - Time in milliseconds

Valid Range: 1 - 0xFFFFFFFF

Default: 7,200,000 (two hours)

Description: The parameter controls how frequently TCP tries to verify that an idle connection is still intact by sending a keepalive packet. If the remote computer is still reachable and functioning, the remote computer acknowledges the keepalive transmission. By default, keepalive packets are not sent. A program can turn on this feature on a connection.

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answered 14 Feb '12, 02:35

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Thanks Alexey

(14 Feb '12, 10:30) jimboidaho

FYI, as of version 10 you can use the client timeout value instead of having to change Windows TCPIP registry settings.

(14 Feb '12, 12:52) Graham Hurst
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@Graham: Does that only apply to the ML client or to all database clients?

(14 Feb '12, 13:54) Volker Barth

I was referring to the MobiLink client network protocol option (which is what I linked). It provides a "keepalive" capability between ML clients and the ML server, and replaced earlier options called liveness_timeout, contd_timeout, unknown_timeout, and network_connect_timeout.

The SA client timeout(TO) option does not provide a keepalive capability.

It's unfortunate that we chose the same name for both...

(14 Feb '12, 17:35) Graham Hurst

But wouldn't the LivenessTimeout (LTO) connection parameter work in a similar way for general SA clients?

(15 Feb '12, 03:29) Volker Barth

Yes, the LivenessTimeout parameter for SA clients is like the timeout parameter for ML clients. Both provide a keepalive capability without having to change Windows TCPIP registry settings.

(15 Feb '12, 11:06) Graham Hurst
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