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Would a database client using tcp/ip recognize if the packet transmitting the commit command to the server is lost?

asked 13 Feb '12, 13:06

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Probably not, because TCP provides packet recovery:

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answered 13 Feb '12, 15:00

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Breck Carter
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So, there is no hand-shake on database level?

(14 Feb '12, 02:57) Martin
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If commit is succesful than you get succesfull return code. If tcp connection is broken while you transmit packet with commit than you get connection error (tcp garanee it). But may be will be interesting for you distributed transaction/two phase commit technology?

(14 Feb '12, 03:53) AlexeyK77

I am wondering if a situation is possible there the client sends the commit but server never receives it and client waits indefinetly to receive the handshake.

(14 Feb '12, 04:48) Martin

The possible answers are wayyy beyond my network knowledge, but the effect of the LivenessTimeout would come into play here, methinks.

(14 Feb '12, 05:03) Volker Barth
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It won't recognize this particular failure, because TCP will provide packet recovery as Breck has mentioned. Assuming TCP isn't able to recover and resend the packet, the client libraries should return a communication error (-85):

Communication error

Other failures for a commit should also be surfaced as an error. Ultimately, if the call making a commit returns without an error code, the commit should succeed.

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answered 14 Feb '12, 18:22

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Tyson Lewis
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